Jiki Shinkage-ryu

The Gassankan (月山館) maintains a practice of traditional Japanese combatives, focused on the use of the sword. We attempt to do so in a manner that is compatible with internal martial arts principles. This includes:

  1. A practice of traditional kenjutsu kata of Kashima-shinden Jiki Shinkage-ryū.
  2. The analysis and deconstruction those kata in a process called kuzushi.
  3. A practice of pressure testing called tameshi-ai.

The Gassankan is not an official line of Kashima-shinden Jiki Shinkage-ryū, but we attempt to train in a traditional manner as handed down to us in the line of Kawashima Takashi, Onishi Hidetaka, Namiki Yasushi, and Ito Masayuki, through the training I received at the Hobyokan from Dr. David Hall. The purpose of this ongoing training activity is to maintain an offering of these teachings in the hopes they will continue to serve as a mechanism for purification through mindful austerity (shugyo).

Practice at the Seattle Budokan, 2021

Schedule of Classes

Sunday 1700-1900hrs

Unpo (Walking methods)
Hojo (Four Seasons kata)
To no Kata (Tactical kata)

Practice is led by Jake Harlin and Nicky Sayah Sina at Lonin League: 2450 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134.