The Moon Mountain Hall ( 月山館 ) is a martial arts training activity led by Mark Raugas. Mark Raugas is an indoor student of Zhang Yun and practices Chinese Internal Martial Arts as taught in the Yin Cheng Gong Fa organization.

This includes empty hand and weapons curriculum of:

  • Yin & Cheng & Liu Style Bagua Zhang ( "Eight Trigram Palm" )
  • Northern Wu Style Taiji Quan ("Grand Ultimate Boxing ")
  • Hebei Style Xingyi Quan ( "Form Mind Boxing" )

Collectively, these arts are referred to as the neijiaquán ( 內家拳 ) or internal schools of martial arts. Each of these arts is a lifetime study:

Bagua is known for its smooth and fluid nature, giving practitioners the ability to change spontaneously in response to an opponent's actions. Elements of the curriculum include the 8 Mother Palms (Ba Mu Zhang) and 8 Big Palms (Ba Da Zhang) of Cheng Ting Hua, 64 Circular Changes of Yin Fu, and 64 Linear Bagua Forms of Liu Dekuan.

Taiji is known for its relaxed character, giving practitioners the ability to off-balance an opponent at first touch by borrowing their force. Elements of the curriculum include the 37 posture form of Wang Peisheng, Fixed Step Push Hands, Free Step Push Hands, Da Lu, and Neigong.

Xingyi is known for its stability, giving practitioners an ability to express sudden and explosive power. Elements of the curriculum include San Ti Shi, 5 Elemental Fists, 12 Animal Forms, 10 Step Elemental Linking Form, and the Mixed Skills Form.

These three arts, when studied together, provide a full curriculum of both offense and defense, including practices of striking, locking, throwing, grappling, and a traditional weapons curriculum including methods of combat using the straight sword (jian), sabre (dao), and spear (qiang).

Portrait of the Imperial Bodyguard Zhanyinbao.jpg

Wu Style Taijiquan was founded by Wu Quanyou, a Manchu member of the Yellow Banner Camp and Imperial Guards Brigade during the Qing Dynasty. [Portrait of the Imperial Bodyguard Zhanyinbao
courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.]

Before training in Yin Cheng Gong Fa, Mark had a long practice of self-defense oriented modern jujutsu. Because of this, we put extra emphasis on the practice of locking, throwing, and grappling applications at our school. We attempt to perform these techniques in a manner compatible with and driven by internal martial arts principles. This includes instruction in tumbling and falling (how to receive techniques), freestyle grappling practices, and applications to self-defense.